Blockchain Learning Labs
Apart from quality content and industry relevant curriculum design, SquadX being an emerging tech company has so much to offer to improve learning experience for your learners.

We took the task to make it easy for learners as well as educators to eliminate complexities around Blockchian. Easy to use applications & tools are your best friend in developing a practical understanding around the technology.
Emerging technologies are the right to every individual
Why do organizations choose SquadX’s Learning Labs?
A step towards Experiential Learning.
Easy Integration
The integration of Blockchain lab with the Institute’s existing framework is quick and easy with the help of our REST APIs. No need for 3rd party experts, our team will do the job.

No-Code & Low-Code platform
Blockchain learning whether be tech or non-tech requires a platform to test Blockchain fundamentals. To enhance student experience, we have developed a platform that can be integrated in your web and mobile platform, no new sign-ups!

Dynamic Templates
Based on the requirement of the Institute, we design templates and exercises for students to learn Blockchain technology with respect to their domain. This help nurture the skills based on their existing study background.

Addition and up-gradation to the Program
The recipe of staying on top of the market is simple, always innovate and adapt. We have a dedicated in-house team for R&D for innovation and modification of the program. We will be launching new exercises and curriculum updates every 6 months.
The power of Blockchain right on your system through our in-house developed
Learning tools.
  • Support for Offline and Online mode
  • Seamlessly designed for coders and non-coders
  • Play around with the parameters and see live changes
  • Connect with peers and master concepts like Mining
An online platform for students to practice their skills and execute them on live Blockchain.
We support institutes with pre-built templates to make it easy for their students to learn and practice as they proceed. Irrespective of the coding background, the learner will be able to use his/her learnings and bring it to live project.
A complete ecosystem
Who are eligible for
Blockchain Lab?
Universities & Colleges
Online & offline training institutes
Centre of Excellence (COEs)
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