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About Program
Blockchain Technology is a growing field that has already caught everyone’s attention all over the world. It is a universal open source digital ledger in which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. The demand for Blockchain talent is skyrocketing, thereby offering a plethora of opportunities for learners in many companies and startups alike. With business benefits such as accurate tracking, reduced operating costs, quicker transactions, and increased transparency, the global market for Blockchain-related products & services is expected to explode more.

The course intends to develop a thorough understanding of the fundamentals in the core of Blockchain technology.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the business reason for a system of record like blockchains to exist
  • Setup your own blockchain with customized blockchain and transaction attributes
  • Create clients for a blockchain system
  • Link Blockchain with IOT/Mobility platforms
  • Study Ethereum and Hyperledger – the two leading blockchain platforms
  • Hands-on capstone projects
Career Opportunities
  • Software developers
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Blockchain Tech Architects
  • Quality Engineers in a wide range of industries like Supply Chain, Finance, Health Care, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy
Companies hiring Blockchain talent
Masterclass Curriculum
  • Module 1:
    1. What is a Blockchain
    2. Structure of a blockchain
    3. Blockchain Vs Regular Database
    4. Blockchain based systems - Distributed Ledgers (Ripple, Hydrachain, Multichain), cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, Ethers)
    5. Popular blockchain platforms - Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, OpenChain etc.
  • Module 2:
    1. Analysis of the Blockchain data stores – basic criteria
    2. Hash Tree - Merkle structures ( .. )
    3. Distributed hash Tables
    4. DAG ( Directed Acyclic Graphs )
  • Module 3:
    1. Basic blockchain constructs- Wallets (Accounts) and transactions
    2. Wallets and private keys ( .. )
    3. Types of Wallets
    4. Creating and using an account (Ethereum, Bitcoin BlockchainInfo, IOTA)
  • Module 4:
    1. Peer to Peer network
    2. Ledger Replication ( .. )
    3. Nodes and clients
    4. Types of Nodes
  • Module 5:
    1. Consensus and transactions
    2. Private Vs. Permissioned and public blockchain instances ( .. )
    3. Standing up and local private node with ethereum (Geth/parity configurations)
    4. Working with the local node
  • Module 6:
    1. Distributed Code execution
    2. What are Smart Contracts( .. )
    3. Create and test a smart contract on remix IDE
    4. Work on local machines
  • Module 7:
    1. Set a smart contract environment through truffle
    2. Setup Ganache ( .. )
    3. Create and test smart contracts through truffle and ganache
    4. Work on local machines
  • Module 8:
    1. Solidity Basic
    2. Solidity Advanced ( .. )
    3. Implement and execute a voting smart contract
    4. Work on local machines
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